The 2019 Los Andes' Sorting Ceremony will be the next sorting ceremony in Los Andes and it will happen on March 1st, March 2nd and March 3rd. As every year, this event will be held first on the first night at Los Andes and it will mark the beginning of the school year for freshmen (classes will begin on March 4th).

The purpose is to assign first-year students to one of the four houses: Vipertooth, Longhorn, Ironbelly or Ridgeback.

Because of the large amount of first-year students, the selection has to be divided into different days (about sixty students will be selected per day). The students will arrive at Los Andes the morning of their day's selection,that has been advised in advance according to the alphabetical order of the surnames.

The school selects forty-five students from each country per year.

Selection Edit

See Los Andes School of Witchcraft and Transfiguration 2.1 Selection

Students Edit

There are 180 new students in Castelobruxo who will arrive at the school in the first three days of March.

Arrive on March 1st
Country Name House
1 Argentina Aguirre, Juan Vipertooth
2 Perú Álvarez, Martín Ironbelly
3 Chile Álvarez, Sofía Ironbelly
4 Chile Arias, Susana Longhorn
5 Bolivia Arcanas, Luisa Longhorn
6 Argentina Ayala, Fermín Ironbelly
7 Chile Becerra, Laura Ridgeback
8 Perú Biamont, Adán Ridgeback
9 Perú Blanco, Manuel Vipertooth
10 Chile Borage, Cassandra Longhorn
11 Chile Brown, Lancel Vipertooth
12 Bolivia Bustamente, María Paz Longhorn
13 Chile Bustos, Lainer Longhorn
14 Bolivia Campos, Juana Ridgeback
15 Perú Castillo, Franco Vipertooth
16 Chile Castro, Johanna Vipertooth
17 Argentina Córdoba, Daniela Ironbelly
18 Argentina Córdoba, Gabriel Ironbelly
19 Chile Dávila, Joaquín Ridgeback
20 Chile Delgado, Leonor Vipertooth
21 Bolivia Fernández, Milagros Longhorn
22 Bolivia Franco, Luisana Ridgeback
23 Perú Falcón, Ignacio Ridgeback
24 Argentina García-Bello, Tomás Ridgeback
25 Chile González, Pablo Longhorn
26 Perú González, Paolo Longhorn
27 Bolivia Gónzalez, Teresa Longhorn
28 Chile Gossoni, Sílvia Vipertooth
29 Bolivia Guzmán, Victoria Ironbelly
30 Argentina Herrera, Josefina Longhorn
31 Perú Hidalgo, Soledad Vipertooth
32 Perú Hilasaca, Matías Ironbelly
33 Bolivia Huamán, José Ridgeback
34 Chile Hurtado, Marcelo Longhorn
35 Perú Ibarra, María Sol Vipertooth
36 Chile Infante, Rodrigo Longhorn
37 Perú Iris, Débora Vipertooth
38 Argentina Izquierda, Miranda Ironbelly
39 Chile Janampa, Mario Ironbelly
40 Bolivia Janszoon, Wilhem Ridgeback
41 Argentina Jara, Santiago Ironbelly
42 Perú Jaramillo, Dolores Ridgeback
43 Argentina Jiménez, Raúl Longhorn
44 Bolivia Julca, César Ridgeback
45 Bolivia Kruger, Kenneth Ridgeback
46 Chile Lallena, Naomi Longhorn
47 Argentina Lazo, Vanessa Vipertooth
48 Bolivia López, María Juana Ridgeback
49 Argentina Luna, Gabriela Ironbely
50 Perú Mainer, Shirley Longhorn
51 Perú Martínez, Tadeo Vipertooth
52 Bolivia Martínez, Ulises Vipertooth
53 Argentina Mendoza, Úrsula Vipertooth
54 Bolivia Mongio, Ryan Longhorn
55 Argentina Morales, Bautista Ironbelly
56 Bolivia Murla, Nicole Ridgeback
57 Argentina Navarro, Ana Ironbelly
58 Argentina Neira, Juliana Longhorn
59 Perú Noguera, Linda Vipertooth
60 Perú Notivoli, Rachelle Ironbelly
Arrive on March 2nd
61 Chile Ñaupa, José
62 Argentina Ocampo, Catalina
63 Argentina Ochoa, Franco
64 Bolivia Olivar, Patricio
65 Perú Olivera, Susana
66 Argentina Olmeda, Cinthia
67 Bolivia Olmo, Sofía
68 Bolivia Ordóñez, Laura
69 Argentina Orozco, Martín
70 Perú Ortega, Ian
71 Perú Ortega, Camilo
72 Bolivia Osorio, María Paz
73 Chile Oslo, Carmina
74 Chile Ozuno, Cristóbal
75 Chile Pacheco, Luis
76 Chile Padilla, José
77 Chile Palacios, Mercedes
78 Perú Pastrana, Cristina
79 Argentina Peralta, Alejandro
80 Chile Perdomo, Marina
81 Perú Pérez, Adelaida
82 Perú Pineda, Mauro
83 Bolivia Pino, Rita
84 Chile Prieto, Lorenzo
85 Bolivia Prada, Armando
86 Argentina Puente, Amadeo
87 Bolivia Qorchi, Tony
88 Bolivia Quesada, Natalia
89 Argentina Quintana, Tomás
90 Perú Quiroga, Noelia
91 Chile Quiroz, Agostina
92 Perú Rabbani, Clarisse
93 Bolivia Ramírez, Mateo
94 Chile Ramos, Silvio
95 Perú Rangel, Yolanda
96 Perú Redondo, Emanuel
97 Chile Restrepo, Micaela
98 Bolivia Rivas, Salomón
99 Argentina Rivera, Erika
100 Chile Roble, Norma
101 Bolivia Rodríguez, Sergio
102 Bolivia Rojas, Sebastián
103 Argentina Rubio, Ismael
104 Bolivia Rueda, Peter
105 Perú Ruiz, Selena
106 Argentina Sánchez, Paloma
107 Perú Sandoval, Christian
108 Perú Sangalo, Pedro
109 Argentina Santos, Camila
110 Bolivia Somoza, Araceli
111 Chile Sotelo, Félix
112 Argentina Soto, Santino
113 Chile Souza, Ivete
114 Argentina Suárez, Martina
115 Perú Suñol, Emanuel
116 Argentina Tabares, Erica
117 Chile Tablada, Ramón
118 Bolivia Tai, Edward
119 Perú Teys, Theodora
120 Argentina Torres, Agustín
Arrive on March 3rd
121 Argentina Tovar, Asier
122 Chile Travieso, Alba
123 Perú Trejos, Leire
124 Argentina Tremaine, Rosa
125 Chile Treminio, Diego
126 Perú Triguero, Javier
127 Perú Troncos, Nerea
128 Chile Troncoso, Carmen
129 Perú Trujillo, Ignacio
130 Bolivia Tsara, Aina
131 Argentina Ucha, Mario
132 Bolivia Uchoa, Alonso
133 Chile Ulliría, Natalia
134 Chile Ulloa, José Manuel
135 Perú Ureña, Abril
136 Chile Uriarte, Adriana
137 Bolivia Uribe, Lara
138 Bolivia Urieta, Leo
139 Perú Urrutia, Ian
140 Argentina Usaga, Arturo
141 Perú Uveda, Érik
142 Bolivia Valdés, Julia
143 Perú Valdiva, Natalí
144 Argentina Valencia, Andrés
145 Bolivia Valencia, Gabriela
146 Bolivia Valenzuela, Yeray
147 Bolivia Valles, Elisa
148 Chile Vallejos, Darío
149 Perú Venegas, Jesús
150 Chile Varela, Mauna
151 Bolivia Vargas, Alberto
152 Argentina Vasquéz, Aurora
153 Perú Vega, Patricia
154 Bolivia Velarde, Julieta
155 Bolivia Velasco, Mikel
156 Argentina Velásquez, Lucas
157 Argentina Velázquez, Santiago
158 Argentina Ventura, Beatriz
159 Argentina Venti, Victoria
160 Bolivia Villalobos, Miguel
161 Chile Villareal, Iván
162 Bolivia Villaseñor, Nil
163 Chile Vivas, Paola
164 Argentina Vivero, Gisela
165 Chile Vívez, Daniel
166 Bolivia Wade, Ángel
167 Perú Wagner, Alonso
168 Argentina Weigel, Daiana
169 Perú Xara, Isabel
170 Bolivia Xedin, Ignacia
171 Chile Ximénez, Paula
172 Chile Ybieta, Enrique
173 Argentina Ycaza, Inna
174 Perú Ynés, Aaron
175 Perú Yoldi, Diana
176 Argentina Yus, Francisco
177 Perú Zapata, Iker
178 Chile Závala, Paulina
179 Chile Zimmerman, Alex
180 Argentina Zuviría, Ámbar