Hugo Weasley and the Family of Fire is a story/series created by Philered , as the name gives it is the first year of Hugo Weasley. It includes fights, love, and chaos.



  • Hugo Weasley - Main protagonist who is struggling with his life. (Main)
  • Johnathan Mckin - Best friend of Hugo and obsessed with biographies. (Main)
  • Lilly Moon - Hugo's girlfriend for now, great at dueling. (Main)
  • Mary Pad - John's Girlfriend for now, a lot like Hermione, chats alot. (Main)
  • Richard Dub - Year 7 friend of Hugo and Dino, who is very strong and treats Hugo like a brother. (wolf pack) (Reoccurring)
  • Dino Chulos -Year 7 friend of Hugo and Richard. He is also very strong and treats Hugo like a brother. (wolf pack) (Reoccurring)
  • Moran Roulder - Hugo's enemy who tries to make his life worse. (Main)
  • Possibly Caius- Vampire (minor)
  • Joe Sang - Prefect who isn't as good as he looks. (minor)
  • Scarlet Lovegood- Ravenclaw who likes the Ohio Ogres nearly as much as John with biographies.

Staff / inhabinats of Hogwarts

  • Luke Flitwick - Quidditch teacher and supportive guardian of Hugo. (Main) (Wolf pack)
  • Fat Friar - Head ghost of Hufflepuff house. (minor)
  • Peeves - Ghost Prankster. (minor)
  • Professor McGonagall - Head teacher. (minor)
  • Winky and Kreacher - the new couple / head chefs. Both House Elves (minor)
  • Laura Black-Thomas - friend of Luke's. (Main)

Wales MOM

  • Kingsley Shacklebolt- Minster for Magic for all of Great Britain.
  • Davy Loone- Miniature Minster for Magic for Wales
  • Sparks- security guard for History Department.


  • Teddy Lupin- Secretive Hufflepuff.

Ohio Ogres (Quidditch team)

  • Kathryn Rand- Chaser and Captain. Has an autobiography called Only Ogres which John has read 3 times over.

German national quidditch team

  • Kurt Todt- Main chaser (mentioned in HP:QWC)