I'm in it to win it is a in-progess blog by Philered. It is first person except the prologues and epilogues. It is in Jordan Nott's POV.



  1. Professor Armando Dippet, Headmaster.
  2. Professor Albus Dumbledore, Teacher of transfiguration and head of house for Gryffindor.
  3. Professor Kathryn Allen, Teacher of Charms and head of house for Hufflepuff.
  4. Professor Horace Slughorn, Teacher of potions and head of house for Slytherin.
  5. Professor Abby Scarlet, Teacher of Arithmancy and head of house for ravenclaw.
  6. Madame Selena Daute, Quidditch Coach Name pronounced Do-ute.
  7. Professor Lorenzo Warrel, Teacher of D.A.D.A the oldest teacher there at 121 years old.


  1. Jordan Nott, main character, year 4, beater and captain for Slytherin QT.
  2. Will Wilkes , main character, year 4 co-commentator. might be end up with Candace Parkinson.
  3. Candace Parkinson, main character, year 4 might be end up with Will Wilkes.
  4. Orion Crabbe , Beater, year 5 for Slytherin QT.
  5. Bob Roulder , year 7 chaser for Slytherin QT, Head Boy this year.
  6. Laura Trelawny I , year 6 chaser for Slytherin QT prefect.
  7. John Linus , year 5 chaser for Slytherin QT turned prefect.
  8. Roldolphus Harper, Year 2 seeker for Slytherin QT.
  9. Daniel Parkinson, year 4 keeper for Slytherin QT.
  10. Tom Flint, Previous captain (left school) and new coach.
  11. Edward Robin, year 6, Laura's boyfriend


  1. Percy Davies, main antagonist, year 4, chaser and captain for Ravenclaw QT.
  2. John Sinter, year 4, Chaser for Ravenclaw QT.
  3. Liam Campbell, year 4, Chaser for Ravenclaw QT.
  4. Phil Inglebee, year 7 , beater for Ravenclaw QT. might end up with Louise Råan
  5. Grant Samuels, year 7, beater for Ravenclaw QT.
  6. Joel Boot, year 7, keeper for Ravenclaw QT.
  7. Nate Fawcett, year 7, seeker for Ravenclaw QT. (Notice how they're all boys and only 3 arent in year 7)
  8. Flo Chang, Year 6 , Commentator
  9. 'p'rick lod, Year 7, nerd who gets beaten up by Bob


  1. Penelope Dese, Year 4, chaser for Hufflepuff QT
  2. Katlyn Omen, Year 4, chaser for Hufflepuff QT
  3. Louise Rån (Rar-nh), Year 4, chaser for Hufflepuff QT might end up with Phil Inglebee
  4. Jodie Abott, Year 7, Keeper and captain for Hufflepuff QT
  5. Millie Sprout,Year 7, beater for Hufflepuff QT
  6. Hannah Macmillian,Year 7, beater for Hufflepuff QT
  7. Amy Diggory,Year 4, seeker for Hufflepuff QT (notice how they're all girls and only 3 are in year 7)


  1. Fredric Potter, Year 7, Seeker and captain for gryffindor.
  2. Abraham Granger, Year 7, Beater and Muggle-blood.
  3. John Weasley, Year 7, Beater,Ginger and Smart.
  4. Leon Finnagin, Year 7, Chaser and Irish.
  5. Damion Longbottom, Year 7, Chaser.
  6. James Thomas, Year 4, Chaser and is man who you can buy stufff off.
  7. Nathan Creevey, Year 3, Keeper.