John Prestovi


1989 or 1990

Also known as

  • The Master Mafia
  • Presto

Eye Color

  • Dark Blue

Hair Color

  • Black hair

Skin Color

  • Sort of pale


  • Fighting
  • Breaking stuff


  • Micheal Prestovi (dad)
  • Liam Prestovi (Grandad)
  • Oliver Prestovi (great-grandad)
  • David Prestovi (great-great-grandad)
  • Joesph Prestovi (great-great-grandad)

Facial hair

  • stubble
  • Black beard

Blood status

  • Pure blood


  • Money
  • a few Mafia members

John Prestovi is the Don/leader of the Wizard Mafia. His only appearance so far is in Hugo Weasley and the Elf's Wand. He is half-italian and half-american.In 2020 he was 30 so he was either born in 1989 or 1990. Each of his family have been rulers of the mafia for a long amount if the don dies there is no funeral but a coranation. John has been leading the mafia since his father's death in 2012.He has a smoking problem.