"She always has the best advice."

-Albus Potter on Laura Trelawney

Laura Trelawney


c. 2005

Blood status

Pure-blood or Half-blood








  • Red brown (Autumn)
  • Light brown (Summer)
  • Dark brown (Winter)


Dark green



Family information

  • Sybill Trelawney (Grandmother)
  • Mr. Trelawney (Great-grandfather)
  • Mrs. Trelawney (Great-grandmother)
  • Cassandra Trelawney (Great-great-great-grandmother)



Laura Trelawney (b. c. 2005) is the granddaughter of Sybill Trelawney and a Seer. She is in multiple blogs, such as In it to win it, James Potter and the Elder Wand, Albus Potter and the Resurection Stone, Albus Potter and the Warrior Legacy (Ravenclaw), and Lily Potter and the Invisibility Cloak. She is in Slytherin house in all of these blogs.

Physical Appearance Edit

"She was pretty-for a third year, I mean"-James on Laura's looks

Laura has hair that changes to different shades of brown depending on the season. When she is nervous, she twirls a strand of it around her finger. Laura has freckles that are dotted on her face and dark green eyes like Sybill.

Personality and Traits Edit

"That was one of the good things about Laura. Unless it was an emergency, you could always count on her to be calm and level-headed. Well, except if were something to do with chocolate." -James describing Laura's character

Laura's personality is witty and friendly. Since she was sorted into Slytherin house, she is clever and ambitious. Laura also has a fondness for cooking, stopping arguments, and eating chocolate.

In the Next Generation and the Deathly Hallows Edit

James Potter and the Elder WandEdit

Laura is a character, but does not have a main role. She is Albus Potter's best friend/future girlfriend. Laura is the Dulling contestant for Slytherin. She is in her third year and still likes chocolate. She reveals to James that she can will herself to make a prophecy.

Albus Potter and the Resurrection StoneEdit

This book will have Laura's biggest role. She will be in her fifth year.

Lily Potter and the Invisibility CloakEdit

Once again, Laura will be in the book but not have a main role. She will be in her seventh year.

Lily Potter SeriesEdit

Lily Potter and the Return of Some Crappy PeoplesEdit

Laura is good friends with Lily and is close to her brother Albus in a romantic way during Lily's fourth year. She plays bass when Lily forms a band in order to release the song in Lily Potter and the Ride of my Life.

Quotes Edit

  • "It puts a strain on my brain, Potter."
  • "Get back here! These are only two Sickles! Hey! I said get back here this instant, James Potter!"