(This is the first book in the "Spider Cauldron" series. There will be three.)

I felt sweat trickling down my neck as I woke, shooting up in my Hogwarts bed. I stifled a cough and slipped out of my bed, I picked up my robes and rushed to the bathroom, putting them on. Nervously, I raced into the hall and ran down the hallway.

I slammed into someone, scrambling back in confusion, shaking my head to come back to reality. My eyes searched up at the familiar face of Ronald Weasley.

"Pardon, Weasley." I murmured, adjusting my glasses.

"Oh. It's fine." His eyes snapped towards me, he was besides a boy I didn't know.

"Who's this, Weasley?" My eyes examined him.

"Harry Potte-"

"The Harry Potter? As in James and Lilly?" I narrowed my pupils in astonishment.

"Yeah." Harry scratched the back of his neck.

"You destroyed.." My voice fell to a whisper, "You know who?"


"Eh, I need to go, cya!" I raced down the hall, shooting Malfoy a glare as I passed him.

I absolutely hate Malfoy. And Slytherin in general, which is a shame, because I am one. I walked down the hall and spotted Professor Quirrell 

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