Lily Luna Potter is the younger sister of Albus Potter and James Potter II.

In Albus Potter and the Next GenerationEdit

Year OneEdit

Lily's only time that she is mentioned is when it is stated that she stayed in the car when they picked up James and Albus.

Year TwoEdit

She stayed at the Weasley's that summer with the rest of her family.

In Harry Potter's After the EndEdit

Lily is a metamorphagus.

In Lily Luna Potter and the Return of some Crappy PeopleEdit

Lily is a metamorphagus, and prefers to have her hair green, or purple, or both. If her hair is blue
  • Lily showing her love of purple and green and her sense of fashion.
  • Lily expresses the fact that she is a metamorphagus.
  • Lily standing up against the Death Eaters and preparing for the final battle.
  • Lily in her third year at Hogwarts.
  • Lily in her second year, on her date with Lawrence Diggory, during which, they snuck into Hogsmeade.
  • Lily in her sixth year.
  • Lily before she preforms onstage in her fourth year.
  • Lily Potter preparing for the battle that starts the third wizarding war.
  • Lily in a gothic outfit.
, she's not listening. She has undiscovered muscial talent that she got from Ginny, and is quite close friends with Kathryn Allen. She believes that Clara is a lying decieving person, and will stop at nothing to prove that. She is often stealing Chocolate Frog cards from people, and likes to talk in random languages so that people can't understand her, though no one knows where she learned all of them in the first place. Albus is the only one that can understand her at most times.

In The Rose ChroniclesEdit

Lily is Rose's cousin and a member of the Junior Order of the Phoenix, but other than this, she does not have a large role. She is known to be very cheerful.

In The Next Generation and the Deathly HallowsEdit

James Potter and the Elder WandEdit

Lily has a small role.

Albus Potter and the Resurrection StoneEdit

Lily has a small role.

Lily Potter and the Invisibility Cloak Edit

Lily will have a very large role.