Molly Weasley is the seventh character to appear in James Potter ll and the Ancient Ruins. She appears to have a grudge against her parents, Percy and Audrey Weasley. She is twelve, but in her first year, like James Potter ll, who is twelve. She has three siblings: Lucy Weasley, Arnie Weasley, and Teddy Weasley. She is the oldest of the four.

Molly Weasley

Also Known As:

Milly (By James)

Muggle Molly (By Orion Malfoy)


Moo Moo (By Lucy)

Spazzy (By Hugourus Snape)


August 14, 1998


Not Yet

Magical Characteristics:

Boggart: Three-headed dragon

Wand: Dragon Hide, Boomslang Fur, 14 inches

Patronous: Lion

Animagus: Cheetah


Percy Weasly (Father)

Audrey Weasley (Mother)

Bill Weasley (paternal uncle)

Fleur Weasley (paternal aunt)

Charlie Weasley (paternal uncle)

Fred Weasley (deceased paternal uncle)

George Weasley (Paternal uncle)

Angela Weasley nee' Johnson (paternal aunt)

Ronald Weasley (paternal uncle)

Ginny Potter nee' Weasley (paternal aunt)

Harry Potter (paternal uncle)


Creates New Chocolate Frog Cards

Molly will be in all of the James Potter ll series and will not die.