"I read a lot, I eat a lot, and I complain a lot. Is that a good enough biography for you?"

- Scarlet introduces herself to Hugo and his friends

Scarlet Katherine Lovegood

Blood status

Quarter blood


  • Scar


  • Luna Lovegood (mother in some stories, cousin in others)
  • Father
  • Rolf Scamander (step-father)
  • Lysander Scamander (half- brother)
  • Lorcan Scamander (half-brother)

Hair color

Changes often, most of the time black with blue streaks

Eye color

Changes often, most of the time cold piercing gray

Skin color


Scarlet Katherine Lovegood is officially a first year in the blogs Hugo Weasley and the Family of Fire and Voldemort's Army. Her human self is the user Scarletmoon579. She is somehow related to Luna Lovegood, but she is reluctant to explain how. She is related to Luna Scamander

In Hugo Weasley and the Family of FireEdit

Scarlet arrives at Hogwarts as a first year, and she is sorted into Ravenclaw. She loves reading- Scarlet is an absolute bookworm, and her favorite genre is adventure fantasy with death and destruction. She is sort of obsessed with the Ohio Ogres. She also believes in Nargles, and that electricity kills them.

In Hugo Weasley and the Elf's wandEdit

Scarlet starts dating Matthew O'don. Her favorite color appears to be purple. She states it is 'the color of love!" and changes her gray eyes to purple.
  • Scarlet in her non- Ravenclaw clothes.
  • Scarlet in Hugo Weasley and the Elf's Wand.
  • Scarlet in her Ravenclaw clothes.

In the Rise of Voldemort's ArmyEdit

Lily Luna Potter and Scarlet appear to be best friends, in the same House. They are both tormented by Melody Merlin, a third year who happens to be Albus Potter's girlfriend.

Physical appearanceEdit

Scarlet looks like Luna Lovegood, but her hair is black with blue streaks. Her eyes change colors, hinting that she may be a Metamorphmagus.

Magical skills and abilities Edit

Scarlet is very good at potions; she feels that it is just like cooking. When it comes to using a wand, she is especially talented at the human-into-pig spell, and frequently uses it on anyone who teases her.


In the Hugo Weasley seriesEdit

Scarlet mentions in the final chapter of Hugo Weasley in the Family of Fire to Hugo that it's okay to be single, and that it's one of the biggest steps in life. But she will later take it back in Hugo Weasley and the Elf's Wand when she begins dating Mathew O'Don.

In The Rise of Voldemort's ArmyEdit

Scarlet apparently thinks that good looks are all you need in life, so she might believe the same for relationships.