Serena lestrange
Sereana Lestrange

Hair Color

  • Black, curly

Eye Color

  • Unknown

Skin Color

  • Pale


  • Dueling


  • The Lestrange's

Sereanna Lestrange is the only known relative in the fan fiction "Albus Potter and the Next Generation" to Bellatrix Lestrange (and her husband, Radolohus Lestrange), Nymphadora Lupin nee Tonks(her mother, Adromeda Tonks nee Black), and Nolan Malfoy (as well as all of the other Malfoys). Sereanna, Albus, Laura and Nolan helped make breakfast on the day after the battle in which Rose Wealsey died. She cast the killing curse that killed Scorpius Malfoy . She was also asked by Laura if she was dating Nolan Malfoy, but it was revealed then, that they were both cousins.