Lupin stood on the transfiguration courtyard, sweaty, gasping for breath. There were debris flying in every angle, some covered in fire. He heard footsteps come. He turned around to find Tonks. "I told you not to come! It's too dangerous!" said Lupin. "It's torture to just sit down and think about how my husband could be DYING at that moment! I can't just leave you!" Lupin showed a ghost of a smile, and then frowned. "YOU..." said the voice of Bellatrix Lestrange. She was with Fenrir Greyback and Yaxley. "Crucio!" she shouted. "PROTEGO!" shouted Lupin. as the spell backfired Bellatrix dove to avoid the curse. Then there was a chaos, and this is what was audible. "Petrifi-" "LEVICORPUS!" "AAAAAHHH!" "Expulso!" There was spells flying in every direction. Then there was silence. Bellatrix was on the ground, Yaxley was stunned, and Greyback had ran away after Tonks and Lupin had teamed up on him with countless curses. Lupin looked to Yaxley. "Petrificus Totalus!" Yaxley suddenly went into a body-bind. His eyes surprised, as he was not expecting the blast. Lupin charged his wand. "REDUCTO!" And Yaxley's now-dead body burst into countless shreds. Bellatrix was up now, shrieking in rage. Her eyes were wild. "YOU DARE!" She pointed her wand at Lupin. "Expelliarmus!" His wand flew out of his hand. "Accio wand!" She grasped Lupin's wand and threw it behind her. "Come get it," she challenged him. She put her wand up, pointed at Lupin. "AVADA..." and then she pointed her wand to Tonks. "KEDAVRA!" A bright green fireball burst out of her wand. It's fierce glow pierced the air, shining a bright light across the courtyard, now orange and dull green and grey. At the last second, Lupin spread out his arms, and put his body in front of Tonks'. The ball hit him. "NOOO!" shouted Tonks. A huge 1 second blast of green filled up every inch of open air. His body went blank. Bellatrix intense eyes matched her disgusting smile. Lupin flew back in the air, hitting his back hard against an arch, and coming down to the ground on his stomach; what would be a most painful way to get concussed, but he was already dead. Tonks stared at his dead body, tears on her face. And then she went outraged. She blasted countless spells at Bellatrix. "Crucio!" and Bellatrix fell to the floor, in mental pain. As crazy as she was, she went even crazier, madder. Her eyes were scary. She was screaming nonstop, being tortured on the ground. "You killed my husband, coward!" Bellatrix didn't reply. "I will make sure that you die under my-" BANG! "Aaaaahhh..." she yelled in agony. A huge piece of cement covered in fire had landed right on her. She crumpled together, possibly all her bones breaking. And then another piece of cement fell on her, two of them crushing her, slowly pushing out her life. And somehow, she heard a voice. "Wingardium Leviosa." Greyback had been throwing pieces of cement on Tonks. She gasped for breath... and then died.  But  Harry  had  seen  enough,  and  decided  to  act.  First  his  parents,  then  his godfather, Sirius  Black,  then  Ginny  and  Hermione,  and  now,   Remus  and  Tonks.  Harry  said  quietly,  "Right, you bastards,  now  it's  my  turn". Entering  the  room,  "Hello, you bitch.  Now  it's  your  time  to  die!" "POTTER!"  "Silence, bitch!  I  didn't  give  you permissiion  to  speak!"  The  icy  venom in   Harry's  voice  caused  her to  recoil.  Harry, unaware  Fleur  was  watching,  said,  "It's  time  to  end  this  bloody charade",  and before  Fleur's  astonished  eyes,  Harry's  body  and  features  began  to  change,  until  a  veela-a  female  veela,  stood there,  and  unleashed a  ball of  fire  at  the  Death Eater,  which  consumed  Bellatrix  until  all  that  was  left  were  ashes  and  bones.  Turning swiftly into her avian form, the veela rained down balls of fire at Yaxley  and  Fenrir  Greyback.  Outside  the  room,  Amelia Bones  of   the  Department  of  Magical  Law  Enforcement  turned  to  Fleur.  "Fleur,  surely  we  can  do  something?"  she  asked.  Fleur  said,  "Not  in  this  case.  That is  an enraged veela.  I  am  a veela.  We draw  our  powers  from  our  emotions.  Two  primary  emotions  are  love  and  rage.  I  often  wondered  why  'Arry  was  not  affected  by  moi  veela  allure,  and  now  I  know!"  Luna  Lovegood,  Cho  Chang,  Padma  and  Parvati  Patil,  Ron  Weasley  and  Daphne  Greengrass  and  Hannah  Abbot  asked,  "And  why  was  he immune,  Fleur?"  "Because  Harry  Potter  never  existed!"  Ron  said,  "That's  ridiculous!  I  personally  knew  Harry!"  Fleur  shook  her  head.  "Non!  Monsieur  Weasley,  you  did  not.  You personally  knew  a  female  veela  zat  disguised  itself  as 'Arry  Potter!  Eet is vairy 'ard for female  veela  to  do,  but  not  impossible.  In  fact,  zere  are four  other  female  veela  present".  "Who?"  Amelia Bones  asked.  "Yes,  daughter,  Gabrielle  and  I  would  like  to  know",  the voice  of  Apolline  Delacour  said.  Without  hesitating,  Fleur pointed  to  first Padma, then Parvati, then  Luna  Lovegood  and  then  Susan  Bones.  Padma curtsied  to  Apolline, followed  by  Parvati,  followed  by  Luna,  and  then  Susan  Bones.  "Please,  not  my daughter!"  sobbed  Amelia.  A   young  Gabrielle  said  to the  head  of the  DMLE,  "Calm  yourself, lady. It is not a  bad thing to  be veela, and she will not be  harmed,  just  trained  in  the  correct  use  of her  powers.  After  all,  you  wouldn't   want   'er  to  hurt  anyone,  even  accidentally,  now  would  you?"  Amelia  replied,  "No. No,  I  wouldn't.  Would  I  be  allowed  to  visit  her?"  Gabrielle  said  "But  of  course.  You  are  'er  mama, yes?" "Yes",  Amelia confirmed.  Not  for  the first  time,  Fleur was envious of how easy it was for Gabrielle to calm others even in a  life or death situation, But Fleur and Gabrielle were surprised at how calm t1heir mother  was. What really surprised them though,  was  their  mother's  offhand  comment,  "Everything  is going  according  to  plan.  Now for Phase  2".  But before the  mysterious  comment  could  be  worked  out,  Fleur  entered  the  danger  zone-or  would,  had  not  her  mother  barred  her  way.  "Sorry,  Fleur, but  this  requires  a cooler  head  than  yours",  Apolline  said.  Her  mother  said,  "You speak  as  if you   know  zis  veela,  Apolline.  Do  you?"  Apolline  Delacour  said,  "I  sincerely 'ope so, for all  our sakes!"  She  entered the  room,  closing  the  door  behind  her.  Transforming  into  her  avian  veela  form,  Apolline  telepathically  calmed  down  the  veela  and  said,  "Now,  my  mysterious  veela,  land  and  kindly  reveal  your  true  identity  to  me.  I  promise  that  you  will  come  to  no  harm".  Something  about  the  elder  veela  calmed  and re-assured  the  younger  female  veela, and  once  Apolline  had  regained her human form, the  female  veela  slowly  but surely began to resume her true form.  The veela  stood 5ft.  6ins.  tall,  had  a   head-turni0ng  36C-24-35  inch figure,  a  fair  complexion, waist-length pale-blonde hair, very fine eyebrows, scintillating  grey-blue  eyes,  a straight  nose  and  a  medium-sized,  feminine  and  sensual  mouth.  The  mysterious female  veela-not  to remain  mysterious  for  long,  said,  "My  name  is  Claudette  de  Berg,  and  I  was  born  in  Paris,  France  on  October  15th,  1983.  I  never  new  my  parents,  well, not  my  real  family".  Apolline  said,  "Zat  is  because  we  adopted  you and  paid  for  your  schooling.We  hoped  you  would  be  going  to  Beauxbatons, but  a  man  called  Albus  Dumbledore  manipulated  events so  you  went   to  Hogwarts".  Claudette  cried  out,  "Vhere  are  moi  clothes?"  Apolline,  aware  of  how  modest  and  self-conscious  Claudette  de  Berg  had  always  been,  hoped  Fleur  was  not  watching,   given  how a  prank  by  Fleur  had  almost  killed  Claudette  15  years  ago,  which had  sparked  a  feud  that  had  nearly  become  lethal.  Claudette  still  bore great  hatred  towards  Fleur,  but  not  towards Apolline's  younger  daughter,  Gabrielle,  Adele  Simone  and  Margeurite  Mirbeau.  "You shredded  them,  ma cheri,  when  you  changed  into  your  avian  veela  form.  I  will   find  some  replacement   clothes  for  you".  "Merci",  Claudette  said,  while  Apolline sent a  telepathic warning  to  Fleur  never to enter the   room  knless she  wanted  to  commit  suicide.  But Fleur  disobeyed  her  mother,  only to find  herself  facing  Claudette  de  Berg,  the one  veela  who  wanted  her dead.  Her  reaction  was  thus  predictable enough.  "Non!  ce  n' est  pas  possible!  Vous  ne pouvez  pas  etre  son!"  In English,  what  Fleur  said  was  "No!  It's  not  possible!  You  can't  be  her!"  Claudette  said  coldly,  "Mais  je  suis son, Fleur  Delacour".  Controlling  herself   with  an  effort,  the angry veela  pointed  to   the  door  and  said  curtly,  "Leave!" Fleur  fled from  the  room, glad to  escape  with  her  life.  Her  mother and grandmother  severely  criticized  Fleur  for  endangering herself. Apolline  then  re-entered  the  room  with  some  new  clothes.  "Claudette,  I  have  brought you  some  new  clothes",  Apolline  said.  "Merci",  Claudette  said,  and  ducked  behind  a  screen  to  get  changed. While  dressing,  Claudette  asked  Apolline,  "Ou  est  mon  petit  ange?"  Padma,  who  knew  French, realized  the  Veela had  said,   "Where  is my  little  angel?"  She  saw Apolline  smile  as she  replied,  "Je  vais  la  chercher  pour  vous,  Claudette". Once decently clothed,  Claudette  de  Berg   was  seen by  Padma. Remembering what Apolline  had  said-that  there  never  was  any such person  as  Harry  James  Potter,  just   a female  veela   masquerading  as Harry  Potter,  although  she  had  added  such  an  achievement  was  very difficult  for  a   female  veela,  but not  impossible.  Suddenly,  everything that had  puzzled  her  about  Harry  became  crystal  clear. Harry's ability  to  resist  Fleur's  allure  stemmed  from  Claudette's  hatred  of  Fleur.  Add  to  that   Claudette  was  also  a  veela, and you  have somebody  who  can easily  resist   a   veela's  allure.  It  also  cleared  up  how  "Harry  Potter"  had  survived  all  his  encounters  with  Lord  Voldemort.  Suddenly,  Gabrielle  shot  through  the  open  doorway, knocking  Claudette  down.   The  veela  rolled  over,  saw  Gabrielle  Delacour,  and  a  big  smile  cracked  Padma's face.  With  all  the  crap  "Harry  Potter"  had  to  deal  with,  she  could  forgive  his  deception.  Harry-or rather  Claudette? Fleur asked, "Didn't Claudette  deceive  you  by  pretending  to  be  Harry  James  Potter?"  Apolline  added,  "I  must  admit  to  being  curious  as  well,  Miss Patil".  Claudette  was  pleased  to  hear Padma Patil say, "Why? Well, that's  easy  to  answer.  All  his life,  "Harry  Potter" has been manipulated. First by Dumbledore, then the Dursley family, then the  Wizarding  world, then the  Ministry, and then the Weasley family.  He-sorry, she,  has never  known love, not real love.  So Claudette  deceived me. I don't really care about that, so long as she receives the love that has been lacking from her life. I'm  smiling because she is happy, as she was denied love for such a long time". And indeed, the Parisian veela known as Claudettte  de Berg  did  look  happy  with  Gabrielle,  her  little  angel,  as  the   two  veelas  joked   and  laughed. Finally,  however, they  left the  room  together.  She saw Fleur  and  glared  at her. "So,  you still live, you menace! I can  and  will deal  with  you personally", Claudette  growled.  Apolline  asked,  "What  do  you  mean  she's  a  menace?" By  way  of  answer,  she  removed  her  top.  To  the  horror  of  Apolline,  Gabrielle  and her  father   Edmonde  Delacour,  two  unlovely  dark  scorch  marks  adorrned  Claudette's  back, and  there  was  even  one  on  the  right-hand  side  of  her  ribcage.  A  fireball  appeared  in Gabrielle's  right  hand. "You  have  a lot of  explaining  to  do, Fleur.  Start  talking!" she  commanded.  "It  was  only  meant  as a  harmless prank", Fleur  began,  when  Claudette de  Berg  exploded  in fury,  "Harmless  prank???  Your 'armless  prank nearly killed  me!"   "B-But  you're  a  veela, surely   you  could 'ave  intercepted  it?"  Fleur  protested.  "Non!  Je ne  pouvais  pas,  mon  allure  etait  inexistante  alors,  comme  mes  pouvoirs".  Fleur  gasped  at Claudette's statement.  "Mon  dieu!  A  veela with no powers and no Veela allure? I wish I didn't have the allure!" "I can remove your allure-permanently, by doing to you, what you did to me!" Claudette de Berg vowed. When the pleas from Apolline, Edmonde, and Gabrielle Delacour had no effect, Luna Lovegood stepped into the danger zone and said, "NO! I accept that you have every right to hate Fleur, but killing her will only make Gabrielle hate you!"  "Besides", Luna said, "I too am a Veela, remember?" "Now calm down". Reluctantly, Claudette obeyed. The Veela Honour Guard watched as Padma and Parvati killed Lord Voldemort with fireballs, and then returned to earth. After that, they regained their human forms. The Death Eaters were wiped out by the Veela Honour Guard. Appolline asked Luna, "Miss Lovegood, how did you prevent Dumbledore from finding out hour secret?" Luna said, "I shielded my mind and acted strangely". She added, "Besides, Adele Simone was a master occlumens, and it was she who helped me develop the atrongest mind shields possible. As regards Dumbledore, he is in Azkaban with the Death Eaters, for stealing from Harry Potter, lying to him, overriding his parents will, not preventing Tom Riddle from becoming Lord Voldemort, pushing for harmless Veela to be labeled as dark creatures, and most heinous of all, he attempted to sacrifice Harry Potter to Dark Lord Voldemort". Amelia Bones was livid. Her neice Susan was a veela, and she'd do everything in her power to get the ban on veela lifted. Claudette then returned to her avian vela form and headed for the Veela Enclave.

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