Hermione Granger is Harry Potter’s friend. She is very intelligent and always studying. Her studious behaviour is useful because she can find a solution to a problem or subdue a hazard or creature for the gang. She is a bit haughty and interfering at first but mellows out and gives Ron some space after she runs off to the toilets crying. Why she does that varies between the books and the movies. In the movie it’s because of Ron teasing her by going Leviosaaaar not levioser. After class. In the book it is because Malfoy threw a brownie at her during lunch.

Her appearance between the film and book is vastly different too. In the film she is played by Emma Watson is actually quite pretty. However in the book J.K Rowling sought to give her enormous comical buck teeth. I’m not kidding. In the book she has buck teeth. At one point Malfoy hexes her with a tooth enlargement hex that makes her buck teeth even bigger and more silly looking. Snape cruelly says this is an improvement. Oscar’s teddy bear Teddy thinks she’s gorgeous now.

Eventually she got the school nurse to shrink her teeth back down to just a tad smaller than they were originally.

Hermione is also muggle born. Her parents are both muggles yet she somehow was born a witch.

It is these two facts that Malfoy uses to cruelly insult her. He calls her a mud blood (an insult for mixed blood individuals or muggle borns) and sometimes beaver girl because of her buck teeth.

As well as being academic and reading, Hermione excels at spell casting and knows advanced spells before anyone else does. Some are mischievous spells like alohamora the unlocking charm.

Hermione doesn’t have a pet in her first year. But by Prisoner of Azkaban she gets a half Kneazle half cat called Crookshanks. A sort of cat with a squashed face. It is Crookshanks who senses something wrong about Scabbers and causes him to run away causing an argument with Ron.

Hermione’s wand is made of Vinewood with a dragon heartstring core.

In Dumbledore’s will she got a magic bag that was completely bottomless.

She once got horrible boils from bubertuber pus when Rita Skita sent her an envelope of raw undiluted Bubertuber pus. Hermione used this horrible prank as a booby trap in Order of the Phoenix against anyone trying to betray Dumbledore’s Army to Umbridge. Unfortunately a girl decided to do so regardless of being covered in boils.

She grows up to marry Ron Weasley.

In her spare time she falls in love with the Beast from Beauty and the Beast and really hates Gaston for some reason.

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