Ron Weasley is Harry Potter’s friend once they met on the train. Although they met briefly when Ron’s mother helps Harry get onto Platform 9 and three quarters. He is one of many children of the Weasleys. A very poor family of ginger haired people living in a a big shabbily build house. However despite their misfortune they are the nicest and friendliest people you could ever meet. This seems to be some important irony in the series. The Malfoys, a rich family are just rude and cruel and are actually death eaters. Where as the poorest families are the friendliest.

Ron does not have the smarts his studious older brothers, such as Percy have. Nor the inventiveness to invent new planking devices. In fact he does poorly in lessons unable to wave his wand properly. Then in Chamber of Secrets it got broken so it miscasted every time he tried to use it. Ron’s wand before the Whomping Willow broke it was made of Ash wood with unicorn hair core.

Ron brought with him to Hogwarts his pet rat Scabbers that had been in the family for years so he was getting fat and old. However in Prisoner of Azkaban Scabbers was actually a murderous wizard called Peter Pettigrew who betrayed Harry’s parents to Lord Voldemort and murdered many muggles with an explosion jinx before cutting off his finger and leaving it to frame Sirius for the crimes.

But this is where my Fanon deviates from Canon. Instead of Pettigrew fleeing to Voldemort. Ron lets him stay since he is Scabbers after all. This annoys Harry who breaks up with him. Peter continuing to live with Ron in human form causes hilarity with Ron finding a grown man living with him creepy. Then Ron becomes a target of Lord Voldemort because he wants his henchman back. Peter can’t decide between his loyalty to Voldemort or Ron Weasley for taking him in for so many years.

Ron Weasley’s greatest fear is spiders. It comes from when he was a baby his older twin brothers Fred and George for a prank got ahold of their father’s wand and turned his teddy bear into a spider Teddy. It promptly webbed Baby Ron up into a web cocoon and traumatised him.

Despite failing academically and not being inventive like Fred and George. Ron is a master of Wizard Chess. Chess but the pieces move on their own and break each other violently when taking a chess piece.

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