The house he is in is reaveled in the chapter's name so all you have to do to find out which house he is in is go down the page

Chapter 3: Hufflepuff

"Ha-Ha-Ha" Moran laughed while his wand was pointing at the sorting hat. Prof. Mcgonagall pointed her wand at his and it flew right out his hand.

"I mean hugo robert weasley is hereby" Not this again hugo thought "in Hufflepuff the loyal house founded by helga hufflepuff at the height of hogwarts......." the sorting hat rambled on. A prefect from Ravenclaw was asked to put the hat in the head-teachers office "No it's so lonely up there. But if there was a helpfull robe that would change things". "Don't worry he's always like that" A senior hufflepuff whispered to hugo. After a very long speech by Prof. Mcgonagall the food arrived on the tables. "Im richard dub by the way" the senior told hugo. Just as hugo reached for a bacon roll, a transparent fat person appeared from out the table. Hugo threw the Roll onto the slyhterin table in surprise. "don't worry little one!. I'm the Fat Friar for reasons.......unknown" the ghost said. After dinner Hugo made his way down to the Hufflepuff dungeons. A portairt stood infront of him and his group of fellow first years. "Helping" A prefect in the front said. The portrait swung open and everyone walked in.

Hugo looked at his time-table for tommorow first was D.A.D.A followed by H.O.M however Hugo had no idea what any they both meant. Hugo made his way to his dormitiory. He was the only person there except from a pale boy reading something called Snape: Scoundrel or Saint? On his bookshelf next to him was Armando Dippet: Master or Moron?, The Life and Lies of Albus Dumbledore and Potter's climb to fame all by Rita Skeeter. "Top o' the morning to ya" the pale boy jumped out of the bed and walked towards hugo. "The name's Johnathan McKin but you can call me Johnny!". Johnny put his hand out for Hugo to shake and Hugo did exactly that. "My name is Hugo Weasley" Hugo told Johnny "My cousin named after Snape and Dumbledore, and my uncles Harry Potter but i haven't got anything to do with Dippet" Hugo carried on. Johnny listened to Hugo talk about his family and the history of it for ages and Johnny had his turn talking about his family. Fireworks aprpeared out the window. "Fred does that every year, i heard the teachers saying i wish he doesn't do it this year! well not sure about you but im tired and im gonna hit the sack" Hugo nodded and got into a bed next to johnny's and unpacked his stuff got dressed for bed and got in his bed for a bit.

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